Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hhmph....Breakfast and a morning $EURUSD setup

What is hhmph?!!!

I woke up this morning just before 6am(!) to make breakfast for JD (10 years old) who has to be in school by 7am. So after making a nutritious breakfast of; two perfect soft-boiled eggs (7 minutes soak in a large cup of boiling water... and they really are perfect), some toasted and buttered home made bread and an ice-cold chocolate for drinks, I asked: "How was that Buddy?"


 "What was that?" I said.
"Hhmmph, hhmmph.." was the reply.

It wasn't a "Hhmph!!! Delicious mom!" Just a downtrodden...Hhhhmph.
It really doesn't matter how many "h" (aitch's) or "m" (emm's) you put inside that still sounds the same.

Does that word even exist in the English language? I am starting to notice that as boys start their journey into teenage-dom on their long trek to man-hood,  they seem to pick up a guttural form of communication. It's quite well abbreviated with a single word or sound meaning a few different things. And no, I haven't quite deciphered it yet. Not completely anyway.

Good Morning Asian Session Traders!

I usually try not to trade Monday Asian Session because of the low volume and liquidity. But I am putting up a setup here which is moving as I speak.

The 30minute $EURUSD has been over-extended for some time and it looks like it is heading back to the 800SMA. As I write, $EURUSD has moved up another 20pips and there are about 100pips  on the table to grab if you can find a risk/reward that is good enough.

The green line shows the 800SMA on the 1 minute chart which is what I like to watch and trade off. (Make a small mental-note here because I will be really delving into this later this week in "testing")

Happy Hunting!