About Me

Forex Trader (Work-In-Progress)
Tech-Geek (Certifiably  Gadget Crazy)
JD's Mom (No qualification required)

Those 3 lines above were the original profile lines I had, when I started the blog. 

And yes, I am a real person and all of the trades recorded here were with real money.

And if you take the time to read through the blog (thanks for doing that), then you will know that part of the reason I started writing the blog and recording my trades was due to sheer frustration. You will see a lot of emotional highs and lows. Needless to say you will also see a lot of financial highs and lows.

Why did I take a break from forex trading?

In early July 2012 after a long vacation, I came back refreshed.
And then I had an amazing run. The best two weeks of trading in the whole 2 years I had been at it.

After that I followed it up by - you guessed it - an excruciating low. It took me about half the time to wipe out the gains that I had been building for a few weeks. By now I had been scaling back my risk in terms of lot size, which was easier on the budget but mentally, it was a big blow. 

And yes, a lot of it was me, counting a lot of chickens before the eggs hatched. I was already starting to see my name flashing in neon signs - "Super Trader!!".

Of course, that didn't happen.

So I guess you could call it the Signal - that it was time for me to review my trading personality and my reasons for trading.  I came to the a sobering conclusion that my trading decisions,  for a long time; were based not a particular strategy but more because I just "HAD" to get into a trade - meaning - no real strategy - except that I really really WANTED and NEEDED to make money.

Everybody really really wants to make money but the expectation of those results ultimately may not make good trading decision points, nor are they good strategies for trading. I know now that the key to be a good to great trader is to strive to just be a really, really good trader. Yes, read 'em and weep!

What is a good trader? Follow your trading rules, follow the money management and then things will happen.

As of March-2014, I started looking at longer time-frame charts, 4 hourly and daily. In mid-November, 2014, I closed out a long-standing foreign dollar account with a sweet 500 pips - just by sitting on my hands and watching higher highs and lower lows. Not forty pip a day but forty pips a month - with no leverage and no margin - and much less stress.

Nonetheless, a break was definitely called for.

What started as a little blog to release steam from trading frustrations introduced to me to some wonderful new things:

  •  An exciting moment - being interviewed by the very prolific, always fun and ever generous Rob Booker on his traders podcast.
    • Building web-sites, blogging opened me up to a whole new world on the internet. I helped to to build this site since it supports a cause that I care about. SACC.SG

    I can't believe you made it so far - many thanks for reading.

    Just three things before you go:
    1. Always, always - plan your trades
    2. Don't quit your day job - just yet!
    3. Support the community - find a cause you care about and volunteer some time...doing this has led me to all sorts of new opportunities.

    - aforextradermom ... November, 2016 -