Friday, May 04, 2012

Setting a Time to Trade

Making time to trade is hard when you are have other distractions around. I stopped everything I was doing to try and make this trading for a living thing work - two years ago. Without so much of a safety net...

Was it a wise move to singularly focus on something you really like to do?

I know that I have a habit of becoming "slightly" obsessive about wanting to learn new skills. I have always been able to be learn new things very well, very what happened in this case?

Still Alive and Kicking and Trading EURUSD

I'm baaaack! And waaaay better too!

It wasn't so much that I was AWOL from this blog (well, maybe just a little). It was just that I was clearing my brain. After coming close to blowing up my trading account yet again - it was necessary to take a really big vacuum cleaner and just suck out all those cobwebs.

I made a quick decision to get more education when the new Bullet Trading course came up on
It was almost a no-brainer. Here's a guy (Rob Wilson) who is very successful trading EURUSD on 1Min charts. See the match??