Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where's $AUDUSD going today?

Hey you  $AUDUSD, where are you going? Can I follow you down?

 Hi, it's just after London open. Here's the picture.
  1. Boss reading at 866
  2. Since the morning Asian Session, it has traded up about 170 pips (more as we speak)
  3. I've put in my trendlines - so it's a question of whether they will break?
  4. And will stochastics stay overbought for the SELL down.
I may be over thinking this but that AUDUSD 15Minute charts is showing 1400 and growing. I had a quick look there's about 273 pips to the SMA800.

I'm going to wait for these few things to happen before I enter:

  1. Boss reading 1000?
  2. The usual suspects - Stox cross on overbought, trendline break, 2:1 R/R
  3. A black candle on M15 with some reversal indications.
  4. And I would like a nice picture on the Bollinger band going in. Minimum will be black candles at the top range of M5 chart.
As I write, a little M5 candle has appeared. Yep, I may be over thinking...but I'm going to wait and see.