Friday, October 14, 2011

"You have to be different?.... ...I'm not!"

Life of Brian (Monty Python, 1979)

Brian: You have to be different! 

The Crowd: Yes, we are all different! 

Small lonely voice: I'm not! 

My first introduction to Monty Python was in a cassette tape (yes, I am that old) borrowed from the library of the British Council. I am pretty sure it never showed in the country I lived in at the time due to censorship laws.  Unbeknownst to us, the tape provided a great concoction of uncensored language which was a great introduction to the wonderful world of English four-letter words.

I loved it, and never imagined men speaking in women's voices could be so funny. I remember sneakily returning the tape to the library just before the very last due date, because the tape had simply stop making sound. I think we could have listened to it so much that we wore out the magnetic encoding on the tape. 

Well, I took did go with the crowd today and took a trend trade on the $AUDUSD. After a few days of haphazard trading on my counter-trend trades, I decided to take a trend trade just after London open.

$AUDUSD 5M - Bossilator Trend (+26 pips)
At Bossilator 610 (610 candles away from the SMA800) on the 5 Minute chart, it was good for a trend trade. This time instead of drawing the Fibonacci lines, I took a close of a trend-line. It was also the second bounce off the SMA200 and going for a re-test of the 1.2030 high for the week, so it looked really interesting.

I exited at 1:1 (nearly), I did start with a 30 pip stop loss, but quickly moved it to a break-even at 20 pips. 

Here it is:

Not too bad even if I say so myself. So I decided to stick to my rules, at least for today. And it's no more trading for the rest of the day.

I will leave you with another quote from Life of Brian:
"Blessed are the Cheesemakers..." 

I have made my cheese for the day.

Happy Trading!