Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

I'm back and trading with a vengeance.

No not really, but I am back and trading. It has been a long break. June and July in the US. Back home to Singapore and then a quick day surgery in early August. I won't bore anybody with the gore and guts but it was gory - at least for the next 2 weeks after surgery.

Last weekend - a quick trip to Saigon. My first time in Vietnam, interesting city!

On the trading front, I just attended a week of forex trading webinar's FX-AllStars set up by Boris Schlossberg and team. My brain is still digesting some of the materials.

But my best present to myself has been attending Rob Booker's Bossilator  course which started in late-August. What an eye-opener! What amazing fun! I have always loved all his books and free e-stuff available on the web. But this course just tops it all.

Not only has he put up the how-tos for trade entry and exits and stop losses. He also has trading strategies for counter-trend and trend-trading. So you can pick and choose depending on which type of trader you are. Webinar's are once every 2 weeks but help is available on live chat and the built-in forum.

I just received an email to say that it was still open to registration so if you are still looking to tremendously increase your trading performance then head on down to http://bossilator.com.

All my posts from this point on will have references to the Bossilator which is plain speak for the distance a financial instrument spends away from the 800 SMA.

And so she wrote....